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For more cosplay, check out our cosplay group SutekiGo
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Wow how do I still have watchers?? hahaha I'm so terrible at updating this account now Dx I do still check messages and notes though. I just don't have any new drawings to give you guys OTL

In terms of cosplays though, I've got a couple lined up :) With Anime North over, me and the SutekiGo are hoping to have a couple photoshoots with our latest cosplays: Female Nintendo and Final Fantasy girls. Many of you have probably already looked at the journals we posted for AN and got a chance to see those costumes. I'm so happy with the way they turned out, even though they were all so much work! Final Fantasy seriously just tries to screw cosplayers over. Eyelets on the back of boots, who does that????

Next up: Merida from Brave!! I loved that movie so much! I went into it thinking I'd enjoy it, but it really exceeded my expectations. I immediately wanted to cosplay her hehe It'll probably only be a Halloween costume, but I'm still pretty excited to make/wear it. I just ordered myself two wigs yesterday and I'm super excited for them to come in. But man, wefting them together and curling them is going to be so tedious D: Ahh what we do for cosplay.

I've also got another costume on the go. I'm making myself a Capitol-esque outfit to wear to Catching Fire when it comes to theatres next November. I just love the Hunger Games books <3 <3 I drew out a fairly simple Capitol outfit, full of ridiculously sized clothing and fabulously bright colours x) Bought myself a beautiful green wig to go with it. I've already got the material for this one, it's just a matter of making it now. Ohoho I'm excited x)

As for upcoming cons, we're going to ConBravo at the end of this month. I think we're wearing our Nintendo cosplay for that one. We're also going back to Youmacon at the beginning of November. I'm really looking forward to that one since we missed out on it last year. We'll likely be wearing our Final Fantasy cosplay there. And maybe a simpler past cosplay for that Friday, who knows.

All of these new cosplays for me are being funded by my new job :D Well, fairly new. I started part-time in March, and they hired me on as a full-time employee at the beginning of May. I'm working at a local newspaper, which is pretty lucky, since I wanted to get into the publishing/editing world. And it's so awesome working five minutes from home. Most of my past jobs have been half an hour away, but now I can go home for lunch, check on my dog, pick up food in town... ah the convenience! I'm actually typing this as I work, well, as I 'work' I guess lol Wednesdays are super slow for me, since we go to press on Tuesdays, but it's kind of relaxing too. I'm just happy to have full-time employment so I can spend more on cosplays and get vacation pay for cons hehehe

This turned out to be a longer update that I thought! I've got to actually do work now though xP I hope everyone's having a good summer so far!
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  • Watching: Legend of Korra (well I will be soon)
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